Taxi Trails helps people discover the real Stockholm

With over 8 million taxi trips a year in and around the city of Stockholm, there is a plethora of data just waiting to be tapped into. That’s just what Taxi Trails does. Using real-time data to showcase the places that people are really visiting. The site allows you to filter this data to find the hot spots around the city. It’s a smart use of data to help tourists navigate the city.

Check it out for yourself here.

Grolsch Beer - The Movie Unlocker

Brands are continuously trying to innovate in the promotion space. how can you reward a consumer with something cool at the moment when they are enjoying the product most? Grolsch think they may have found the solution with Movie Unblocker, a bluetooth-enabled cap that sits in the famous Grolsch bottle top. By opening the bottle and then tapping it on any bluetooth enabled compute of smartphone, the drinker can unlock a movie of their choice. Very simple, very smart.

Nike’s Phenomenal Shot

For the world cup, Nike teamed up with Google to produce a new form of real time advertising. As a special moment happened on the field with one of Nike’s players, Google recreated it in 3D for people to personalise and share. They could change the camera angle, colour and copy and then share it in banners through Googles ad network. This all happened within about 10 seconds of the real moment. Fantastic use of real time marketing.

Samsung CenterStage innovates retail

Retail is fast becoming a hot bed for innovation. With Nike leading the pack with some of their digital in-store experiences, and now Samsung introducing a new way to shop their products, the retail space could be one to watch in the coming years. CenterStage allows consumers to flick through their range of products and explore their features. It’s the way its executed though that really stands out. The animations and attention to detail is mind-blowing, making the experience rich and entertaining. A really lovely piece of work.

See more retail innovation here.

Create a pizza to earn money with Pizza Mogul

Dominos Pizza have handed over control to pizza lovers all over Australia with their new social platform, Pizza Moguls. Users can create their very own pizza, give it a name and then promote it via social media. The more people that buy it, the more real money you own. Depending on the type of pizza, you can earn up to $4.50 for every purchase. What a cool way to allow people to participate with the brand. Here’s hoping it makes a splash.

The Nivea Protection Ad

Everyone knows that Nivea suncream protects children from the sun, but how could they help parents with that other concern at the beach - preventing their children from running off. In a world-first print ad, Nivea created wearable wristbands for children that allowed them to track the distance they move from them, thus preventing children from getting lost. The free app pairs with the GPS band and transmits a co-ordinate back. I have never seen this sort of technology used in a print ad. What a fantastic way for offering something of use to every reader of a magazine.

Berlin wall flashbacks

The Berlin Wall is one of the most photographed attractions by tourists. The problem is that many people that snap the wall, don’t truly understand the rich history behind it. That’s where the Museum of Berlin thought they could play a part. Using innovative projection technology that was triggered by the flash of a camera, they were able to project scenes from history into peoples photos. Ultimately this makes them come to life in new ways and offers people a glimpse into history, if only for a split second. What a fantastic, simple use of technology to educate, but also make photos more shareable for visitors.

Find your perfect baby name

Picking up Bronze at this years Cannes comes this from Johnson’s Baby. It’s a smart app that delivers would-be parents real-time information about potential baby names. Scanning a number of social networks, it returns a number of stats; from what that name talks about most, to what they may eventually turn out to be. It’s an incredibly smart way to use the sheer volume of data out there about people for something genuinely useful. Nice work DDB.

Find your perfect baby name now using the app.

The Vittel Refresh Cap

We all leave busy lives, that we can sometimes forget to have a drink every so often to rehydrate. Vittel thinks it’s important to drink every hour and so have created something clever they’re calling the ‘refresh cap’. With a simple twist (which you do anyway when screwing on a cap), you set a 60 minute timer that counts down to your next drink. When it’s time, a chime sounds and a little flag pops up. It’s a true product innovation that uses very simple technology to help people in they’re daily lives.

Rip Curl Redefines Surfing

Rip Curl Search GPS seems to be doing to surfing what Nike+ once did for running. Using a wearable device, surfers are able to track their waves using GPS and accelerometer technology. They can then log them, analyse them and share them with friends. Much like Nike Fuel, you earn reputation points and compete with your mates to move up the leaderboard. It’s great to see a brand building a genuine platform to help their fan base. Here’s hoping it gains traction and people start using it.