Smart makes traffic lights boogie

Here’s a very ‘smart’ activation from Smart to promote road safety with pedestrians. The dancing traffic light is designed to amuse people while they wait to cross the road, ultimately leading to less accidents forms people dashing out. What makes it really cool is how people can get involved, actually becoming the red man by dancing in a special booth. Great use of technology to make the roads a safer place. Nice work Smart.

Tweet to eat with Gary Lineker

I’m a big fan of innovative uses for the outdoor adhsel. And we have seen a few cool things done with them recently. But I really like this. Using their brand ambassador, Mr Gary Lineker, Walkers have created a vending machine with him literally inside. He reacts to passers-by and if they tweet him, he not only reads the tweet but then drops a bag of Walkers out for them to try. Beautifully executed and a great use of the medium.


Retailers are always looking for more interesting ways to get customers through the door and convert them, and nothing does that like a good old fashioned coupon. The problem is, coupons just aren’t very sexy, conjuring up images of your nan counting her pennies at the front of the queue. ‘Shot it Got it’ makes a very innovative use out of the screenshot functionality on everyones smartphone. If you could screenshot the product in the brands 15 second videos, you could get it half price simply by reposting the image. A very smart way to gain traction through social media and make coupons appeal to a whole new generation.

McDonalds Fruit Match

In a world where consumers are forever ignoring TV ads, instead picking up their phones to check their feeds or play a game while they wait for their favourite show to come back on, it’s smart to see a brand make the most of this downtime. McDonalds Fruit match turns the ad break into a game. Users use an app which syncs with the TV schedule in real-time to choose a fruit during the ad break. By tuning into the last ad, they can see if their fruit wins, bagging them a free smoothie.

What a great way to use TV advertising to make people tune into your ads. It also detracts focus from the competitors ads, as consumers switch to their second screen whilst in the brand experience. Very clever indeed.

Into the storm interactive adshell

How do you promote a new film in a way that will get attention on the busy Sydney streets? Perhaps an interactive ads hell that turns the streets into a tornado in front of passer-bus eyes? That’s what movie Into The Storm did to showcase the power and destruction of the world’s natural beast, the Twister. By overlaying graphics of a Tornado tearing through the city, they managed to prank people into thinking a real Tornado was causing chaos. All the more poignant with all the rain we’ve been having recently.

KLM Live High Fives

How can you connect the Netherlands premier airline with the rest of the world? Enter the Live High Five, an interactive kiosk that live connects people in Amsterdam to those in New York City. You can time your High Five with someone else the other side of the ocean to win tickets for you both. It’s a nice promo mechanic with some interesting content off the back of it. It’s also a great way to show the global nature of the brand and the way it connects people together.

The Nike LED basketball court

This is pretty cool. I’ve not seen LED used on this scale before. The entire basketball court is one huge LED screen, allowing anything to be displayed around the sports stars. The possibilities for this kind of technology are endless. It could be used to gamify the sport, show plays in real time (almost like a real world video game), or even used for half time interactive content. If this becomes mainstream, it’ll change live sports.

Polo Ralph Lauren enter the wearable tech market

This year at the 2014 US Open, Polo Ralph Lauren will be debuting their new Polo Tech, something that they feel may well revolutionise the wearable tech space. What makes it different? The technology is not housed in a device, but in the threads of the fabric itself. There is a rechargeable unit that buttons onto the shirt when you need it, this talks directly to an app that calculates all the data. It can measure anything from breathing and heart rate to ‘effort’. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s great to see the designer sports market leading the pack in this space. I reckon this won’t be the last we see of this sort of technology.

Gravity Light reinvents the lantern

In developing countries, the cost of running lanterns can be a burden on people. Challenged with coming up with a better solution, the @GravityLight┬áteam have created something genuinely unique. Using a counter-weight system, the Gravity Light can produce up to half an hour of light, completely for free. In fact, it will pay for itself within just 3 months. It’s a great invention, and with your help on indiegogo, you can help bring costs down even further.

Taxi Trails helps people discover the real Stockholm

With over 8 million taxi trips a year in and around the city of Stockholm, there is a plethora of data just waiting to be tapped into. That’s just what Taxi Trails does. Using real-time data to showcase the places that people are really visiting. The site allows you to filter this data to find the hot spots around the city. It’s a smart use of data to help tourists navigate the city.

Check it out for yourself here.